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Air Capital Disc Golf Club
Oak Park Disc Golf Course


Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 01/31/13 @ 2:09PM

 We had 72 players in attendance for our 24th annual Wichita Ice Bowl.  Not even a hint of winter, but quite an enjoyable day.  About 50 degrees when we started and it warmed up to 70 degrees for a high!  The wind was reported at 24mph gusting 41 mph, but it didn’t feel nearly that intense on the course thanks to all the trees.  Luckily most of the long holes were going with the wind direction.  The wind made for some interesting shots, but all in all a great day to be disc golfing!

I want to offer my sincere thanks, which is due to all the volunteers that helped make this event another huge success. I want to thank Jerry Sherwood, Jehramy Heckman, and the others who got baskets on & off the course without incident. And thanks for pulling all the flags.  Thanks to everyone who brought baskets.  Thanks to Bob Decker, Adam Hartley, and Jeff Laha, who helped with registration & pay-outs. Thanks to those who helped with the scorecards.  Thanks to those who donated CTP and raffle prizes, including Crispin Carrasco and Chris Smith.  Thanks are especially due to all the ladies who served us all and cleaned up after us.  Didi Schoenhofer, Pam Paulson, Kenni, and Mellisa: thank you!  Thanks to Steve Volbruck for the prizes he gave each of them.  Thanks to all who brought food for the potluck.  I tried 3 chilis this year: Russ’s, Pam’s, and Didi’s.  They all get top marks; it would be hard to pick the best.  Russ’s was HOT but good!  

Thanks are due to our sponsors. Mark Wilson getting Freddy's Frozen Custard on board was a huge help. Please thank them for sponsoring when you go to use your meal voucher. Thanks also to Mark for receiving sponsorship from US Tool Grinding.  Great job and I hope others consider asking for sponsorship next year.  Fox and Hound again gave us a Party Card for the event.  Our biggest “sponsor” this year was Buddy Kassner, who wrote a $400 check to the food bank!  Thanks, Buddy!   Bob with Heibert & Decker CPA's gave $100 donation yet again and Bob helped with many preparations this year and every year.  The single biggest source for our donation comes from everyone who purchase raffle tickets.  The best part of the raffle was when Bob, who is notorious for winning the grand prize, won the Innova Traveler, and then gave it back to be raffled to another winner!


I’ll try to post all the results soon and we’ll be working on figuring up the official donation amount.  I will let everyone know as soon as I can, but it looks like it was no doubt another very successful year!  Thanks to everyone for coming, and being so generous to the cause of feeding the hungry.  The best part of this event is you all, coming together in the name of helping those in need. That’s awesome to be a part of!  Congrats to all the winners; I hope everyone had fun.  And I hope to see everyone back again next year.


Michael Schoenhofer

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