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Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 12/06/12 @ 8:06AM

There will be a workday weekend at Colwich Dec 8th & 9th.


Thanks to all who showed up on Saturday! Thanks to all their hard work what was planned for two days got done in one!! Holes 6 and 13 are now ready to install. Good thing too; the weather today (Sunday) has taken a turn and the wind and cold would likely cancel plans for today. Now, they've been called off cause the job was completed!


 The plan is to get some more fairways cleared and progress to an 18 hole wooded course with 2x tees and 2x pins.  If you haven't been out there in the last year, you should go check out the new layout.  By Bill's effort with this new design and those who have helped make it happen, we were able to keep the disc golf course in Colwich.

Please come out and help, even if you only have a couple of hours.  Every bit makes a big difference.  There will be hot dogs and chips.  Please bring your own beverage.  And bring gloves for handling brush.  Work will start by 9am.  Hope to see you there,

For those of you who don't know, or remember how to get to the course, here is a link to a google map that will help.,+KS&daddr=S+8th+St&hl=en&sll=37.776889,-97.545204&sspn=0.008548,0.021136&geocode=FTkWPwId0cQy-iktGH_Satu6hzE-PdN0v9WWkw%3BFcJuQAIdt5Qv-g&oq=Wi&t=h&mra=ls&num=10&z=12

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