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Air Capital Disc Golf Club
Oak Park Disc Golf Course


Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 08/07/12 @ 11:07AM


This is going to be sweet! Players Packs are going to be $25 and will include a Roc (DX or Flat Top) and a Buzzz (Z or ESP) featuring the stamp.

I will be taking on-line orders ($30 shipped) for players packs. You can play the event at your local course and report the results to me. It doesn't matter as long as you give both discs an equal chance.

You must stipulate before you start, which disc you think will have more metal hits (basket and above). I will then put your name into the Roc or Buzzz box. After all the results are tabulated I will pick a couple of winners at Random from the winning box.

The actual Challenge will be going down at Oak Park in Wichita Kansas on Satuday Aug. 11th. I plan to set up a shorter Ace Race type course in the area around the old girl scout house. Anyone who aces at the Challenge will receive a "bonus prize". 

The results will be tabulated after Sunday the 19th and I will draw a couple of winners on the 20th.


I plan on being ready for people to take the Challenge starting at 10:00. I also plan on packing up and rolling out at about 3:00.

There is no limit on the the number of holes that you have to play. You can play just 9 or you can play 99. You can throw the Roc followed by the Buzzz. You can play one round with the Roc, then the next round with the Buzzz. You just have to give both of them an equal chance. 

Spread the word!


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