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Air Capital Disc Golf Club
Oak Park Disc Golf Course


Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 06/13/12 @ 1:02PM

     The 2012 Wichita Doo Dah Open overall champion was Crispin Carrasco, shooting 207 for all four rounds.

     The event drew in 121 disc golfers from Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Gusty winds provided an extra diminsion of challenge for everyone. Professionals and advanced amateurs played Oak Park on Saturday while the rest of the field started the weekend competition at Herman Hill. Overall scores reflect the real challenge of southeast winds gusting well over 30 mph both Saturday and Sunday. The impact at Herman Hill was amplified as the wind is channelled along theArkansas river, gaining speed  before blasting over the open bank on the park's south side.

    Here are the winners of each division, along with their scores and cash/prize amounts; folowed by the other cash/prize winners.


Men's Open Champion, Crispin Carrasco, 48, 49,58, 52 $450

     also in cash, Adam Hunt, Ben Wiggins, Nathan Martin, Coda Hatfield and Chris Smtih


Men's Pro Masters, Ron Convers Jr., 52, 49, 53, 57 $305

     also in cash, Curtis Broadhurst, Jim Soutter, Shan Mann, and Darren Bottom


Men's Pro Grandmaster, Buddy Kassner, 57, 59, 63, 65 $180

     also in cash, Danny Knox


Men's Advanced AmI, Jeff Vest, 57, 54, 61, 61 135 in merchandise

     also prized out, Brad Rush, Tavis Koehring, Luke Potts (T) Joe Boller (T) Jeff Wade, Jake Lazzo, and Asher McMillen


Men's Intermediate AmII, Mark Miller, 62, 60, 57, 54 85 in merchandise

     also prized out, Brandon Tackett (T) Edward Garcia (T), Levi Malottki, Michael Wyatt (T) Patrick McReynolds, Steven Deere, Jason Adkins (T) Derick Spencer (T), Andrew Rateliff (T)Eric Blatnick (T), Taylor Camp (T) Brandon Rusk (T) Russell Trice, Don Zimmerman (T) Adam Skladzien (T) Jeremy Kindy (T) Brandon Sarmiento (T) A.J.Cruz

Men's Advanced Masters, Greg "BoeBo" Larmer, 61, 64, 67, 61 110 in merchandise

    Also prized out, Dale Bare, Scott Parker

Men's Advanced Grandmasters, Sam Ball, 59, 60, 72, 66 120 in merchandise

    also prized out, Alan Peck (T) Steeler "Doug: Kroll (T), Robert Decker

FW2, Tauni Langelett, 80, 82,77, 74

    and Sara Kmetz

FW1, Britney Ozment, 74, 70, 70, 64

Recreational div, Kevin Rivera, 69, 65, 70, 58

 You can get the full scores and payout results here

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