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Air Capital Disc Golf Club
Oak Park Disc Golf Course


Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 05/17/12 @ 10:44AM


It appears we're having some issues with updating the calendar. I will post entire schedule here for now.

Date Tee Time Park Format HH (S) Oak (S) HH (D) Oak (D)
05/03/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Singles Red
05/04/12 HH Pins change at Herman Hill: All Holes Long
05/08/12 Tues, 6pm HH Singles Long
05/10/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Doubles Blue Handicap Dubs
05/15/12 Tues, 6pm HH Doubles Red
05/17/12 Thurs, 6pm Derby Singles
05/22/12 Tues, 6pm HH Singles Short
05/24/12 Thurs, 6pm Newton Doubles Red
05/26/12 Sat, 9am Newton Tourney KDGA Event
05/29/12 Tues, 6pm HH Doubles Long
05/31/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Singles Short
06/05/12 Tues, 6pm HH Singles Blue
06/07/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Doubles Long
6/9-10/12 Sat, Sun HH & Oak Tourney "Doo Dah Open": PDGA B Tier, KDGA 3x Points
06/12/12 Tues, 6pm HH Doubles Short
06/14/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Singles Blue
06/19/12 Tues, 6pm HH Singles Red
06/21/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Doubles Short Switch Dubs
06/26/12 Tues, 6pm HH Doubles Blue
06/28/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Singles


06/29/12 HH Pins change at Herman Hill: Odd Holes Long

06/30/12                                                                                           Sat, 9am Winfield Tourney "Cherry St. Championships": KDGA 2x Points Event

Please Show Up to Play 15 Minutes Before Tee Times!

For questions call Mike Speer at 258-6609, Russ Trice at 706-9265, or Mike Schoenhofer at 612-7896



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