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Air Capital Disc Golf Club
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 Another Successful Ice Bowl! Here's all the details and comments from ACDGC President and Tournament Director Mike Schoenhofer.

"We had a record 75 players in attendance despite frigid temps and howling winds. Actually, this year's "Nice Bowl" was 57 degrees and about 8 mph wind. Quite an enjoyable day to be outside!"

"I want to offer my sincere thanks, which is due to all the volunteers that helped make this event another huge success. Mike Speer, Jack Robinson, Jerry Sherwood, Bill Paulson, and many others got baskets on & off the course without incident. Bob Decker, Brandon Tull, Russ Trice, Taylor Camp, Bill Paulson, Jerry Sherwood, Jason Adkins, and Jehramy Heckman helped with registration & scorecards & payouts. Didi Schoenhofer & Mrs. Paulson helped with getting all the food ready and cleaning up afterwards. Several brought some killer grub. My favorite was Paulson's Southwest Chicken Chili! To all the others I didn't mention, I am sorry, my thanks to you also!"

"Thanks is espescially due to our sponsors. Mark Wilson getting Freddy's Frozen Custard on board was a huge help. Please thank them when you go to use your meal voucher. Wickham Instrustries donated $100, but I failed to not who brought this sponsor in. But, thank you! This is exactly what we need to take this event to the next level. Found a big shocker when I got home to see a $300 check from Buddy Kassner. This was on top of his entry. He could have bought 10 milyun mulgiens with this, but he and Bill played straight up and ended up tied. He deserves a special thanks. Sorry we didn't notice your donation at the event. Fox and Hound again sent some Party Cards our way. Casey Fluty, Brandon Tull, Hand Eye Corp, Bob Decker, Russ Trice, and some others kicked in prizes for the raffle. Bob with Heibert & Decker CPA's gave $100 donation yet again and Bob helped with many preparations this year and every year. Many people supported by purchasing a total of over $1200 in raffle tickets. our donation to the KS Foodbank. I'll post the official amount when we cut a check, but it looks like we will easily be surpassing our goal of last year's $2800! Thanks to everyone for coming, bringing baskets & good food, & supporting our fundraising effort." 

Total donation of $3320 and 83 lbs food. Exceeds our previous record by $500!

Mulligan sales exceeded $1300. In addition to these donations, some additional donations included:

Buddy Kassner: $300
Bob Decker: $100 plus 83 lbs.
Wickham Industries: $100
Steve Brown: $20
Don Schoenhofer: $20
Miranda Fulton: $20
Les Ramsey: $10

"To all the extremely generous golfers who made it out to this event: Thank you! It's amazing to watch it get bigger and bigger each year. Note that almost all of the money donated came straight from the players. If we want to take this to the next level, we will have to pursue more sponsorship. I'm sure there are some angles to take with this to get more sponsorship. Glad to be apart of it again this year. You guys are incredible!"

"Congrats to Chris Smith and Curtis Broadhurst for winning the low score bounty: Fox & Hound part card. Both shot 95 for the day."

"CTP winners: Bob Decker, Ben Wiggins, Jeff Ring, Curtis Broadhurst. 
And Jason Adkins busting an ACE on CTP hole 5 for $126!
Raffle winners: Many. Kindy won the party card, Iqbal won the basket!"

DGU Basket - Innova Traveler: $120
Fox & Hound Party Cards: $200 
Freddy's Frozen Custard Vouchers: $600
Club plus donated other raffle / CTP Prizes: $260
Total Sponsorship Value $1180

Mini's (75 players @ $3 each) $225
Pro Payouts $536 including ace
Am Payouts $355
Total Prize Payouts $1,116

Total value of awards: $2,296
Average payout on entry fee less $10 donation: 158%

ACDGC Prize Pool Donation: Value of total sponsorship not deducted from payouts + $50 from ACDGC Ace Fund. $682
ACDGC Foodbank Donation: Profits from club discs + money reserved for donaton + profit in IB merch + cash for credits: $848

"I know I'm not the best at running disc tournaments, but I feel proud to be able to help in this years effort. And I think all of you should as well. Doing great things to help those in need. The value in that lasts forever. But we'll do it again next year!"

(Editor's note: you'll find scores posted in our forum.Pics coming soon, let us know if you have some you'd like to include in our gallery)

The weekend of February 25 - 26 at Oak Park, LS Discs will host the 2012 Wichita Meltdown! This year there will be three days disc golf fun with a Flex-Start Doubles Play on Friday and Saturday, choose the time you want to play. Then the PDGA sanctioned C Tier Singles Tournament with two rounds of play will be on Sunday.

Details on each event can be found below with the Main Sunday Event first.


Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 01/30/12 @ 7:23AM

 We had a great time at the Ice Bowl! Great disc golf weather! The only ice we saw was in the ice chests, but just 25 degrees at the morning tee off kept us in winter golf mode.

 We had a record 76 players show up and a lot of good food for the pot luck lunch. Special thanks to Didi Schoenhofer and Pam Paulson for their hard work in the kitchen!

 We don't have the official numbers yet on what was raised for the Kansas Food Bank but at first glance it looks good. We'll get you details soon. Thanks to everyone who showed up.

Here's just one of the pics I shot. I've got more to share later. Meanwhile, if you've got some you'd like to have me put in the gallery just go to the contact page, let me know and we'll set it up.


Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 01/17/12 @ 8:04PM

The Air Capital Disc Golf Club 23rd annual Ice Bowl is set for Sunday, January 29th! This annual fundraiser for the Kansas Foodbank is always a popular event. Last year we raised $2,800 and we'd like to top that this year. Additional donations of food and/or cash will be accepted, from participants, spectators or anyone who wants to stop by and help out.

Once again there'll be donations accepted in exchange for mulligans with no limit to the number you can purchase. But, remember, they'll be a dollar more each after the first round.

We'll be hosting the event at Idlewild park and playing back into the wooded area. It's a fun and challenging layout. And then, there's the weather. Who knows what we'll see this year. I've been to Ice Bowls here in near zero temperatures with ice on the ground and snow blowing and I've played in nearly 60 degrees. That's Kansas for you. Whatever we get, regardless of what you'd like to see, remember the Ice Bowl motto, "No Wimps, No Whiners"

 view or download a course map here ** There will be a novice divison, $25 entry

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