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Air Capital Disc Golf Club
Oak Park Disc Golf Course


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Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 08/07/12 @ 11:07AM


This is going to be sweet! Players Packs are going to be $25 and will include a Roc (DX or Flat Top) and a Buzzz (Z or ESP) featuring the stamp.

I will be taking on-line orders ($30 shipped) for players packs. You can play the event at your local course and report the results to me. It doesn't matter as long as you give both discs an equal chance.

You must stipulate before you start, which disc you think will have more metal hits (basket and above). I will then put your name into the Roc or Buzzz box. After all the results are tabulated I will pick a couple of winners at Random from the winning box.

The actual Challenge will be going down at Oak Park in Wichita Kansas on Satuday Aug. 11th. I plan to set up a shorter Ace Race type course in the area around the old girl scout house. Anyone who aces at the Challenge will receive a "bonus prize". 

The results will be tabulated after Sunday the 19th and I will draw a couple of winners on the 20th.


I plan on being ready for people to take the Challenge starting at 10:00. I also plan on packing up and rolling out at about 3:00.

There is no limit on the the number of holes that you have to play. You can play just 9 or you can play 99. You can throw the Roc followed by the Buzzz. You can play one round with the Roc, then the next round with the Buzzz. You just have to give both of them an equal chance. 

Spread the word!


Posting courtesy of Smitty on the KDGA Forum

Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 06/13/12 @ 1:02PM

     The 2012 Wichita Doo Dah Open overall champion was Crispin Carrasco, shooting 207 for all four rounds.

     The event drew in 121 disc golfers from Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Gusty winds provided an extra diminsion of challenge for everyone. Professionals and advanced amateurs played Oak Park on Saturday while the rest of the field started the weekend competition at Herman Hill. Overall scores reflect the real challenge of southeast winds gusting well over 30 mph both Saturday and Sunday. The impact at Herman Hill was amplified as the wind is channelled along theArkansas river, gaining speed  before blasting over the open bank on the park's south side.

    Here are the winners of each division, along with their scores and cash/prize amounts; folowed by the other cash/prize winners.


Men's Open Champion, Crispin Carrasco, 48, 49,58, 52 $450

     also in cash, Adam Hunt, Ben Wiggins, Nathan Martin, Coda Hatfield and Chris Smtih


Men's Pro Masters, Ron Convers Jr., 52, 49, 53, 57 $305

     also in cash, Curtis Broadhurst, Jim Soutter, Shan Mann, and Darren Bottom


Men's Pro Grandmaster, Buddy Kassner, 57, 59, 63, 65 $180

     also in cash, Danny Knox


Men's Advanced AmI, Jeff Vest, 57, 54, 61, 61 135 in merchandise

     also prized out, Brad Rush, Tavis Koehring, Luke Potts (T) Joe Boller (T) Jeff Wade, Jake Lazzo, and Asher McMillen


Men's Intermediate AmII, Mark Miller, 62, 60, 57, 54 85 in merchandise

     also prized out, Brandon Tackett (T) Edward Garcia (T), Levi Malottki, Michael Wyatt (T) Patrick McReynolds, Steven Deere, Jason Adkins (T) Derick Spencer (T), Andrew Rateliff (T)Eric Blatnick (T), Taylor Camp (T) Brandon Rusk (T) Russell Trice, Don Zimmerman (T) Adam Skladzien (T) Jeremy Kindy (T) Brandon Sarmiento (T) A.J.Cruz

Men's Advanced Masters, Greg "BoeBo" Larmer, 61, 64, 67, 61 110 in merchandise

    Also prized out, Dale Bare, Scott Parker

Men's Advanced Grandmasters, Sam Ball, 59, 60, 72, 66 120 in merchandise

    also prized out, Alan Peck (T) Steeler "Doug: Kroll (T), Robert Decker

FW2, Tauni Langelett, 80, 82,77, 74

    and Sara Kmetz

FW1, Britney Ozment, 74, 70, 70, 64

Recreational div, Kevin Rivera, 69, 65, 70, 58

 You can get the full scores and payout results here

Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 06/06/12 @ 12:02AM

Join Us for the 2012 Doo Dah at Herman Hill and Oak Park, June 9 and 10. Register online at , at Herman Hill, Friday night, June 8 or Saturday morning.




Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 05/22/12 @ 8:21AM

If you want to warm up for the tournament we've switched the Thursday, May 24th league to Newton ...

You can register online for this event at this Dynamic Discs link

Camp Hawk: 3 miles south of Newton. I-135; exit west on exit #28 (36th St./outlet mall exit), 1.5 miles westward across Kansas Ave. Camp Hawk is on the left. Drive all the way in. 1801 SW 36th St


Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 05/17/12 @ 10:44AM


It appears we're having some issues with updating the calendar. I will post entire schedule here for now.

Date Tee Time Park Format HH (S) Oak (S) HH (D) Oak (D)
05/03/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Singles Red
05/04/12 HH Pins change at Herman Hill: All Holes Long
05/08/12 Tues, 6pm HH Singles Long
05/10/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Doubles Blue Handicap Dubs
05/15/12 Tues, 6pm HH Doubles Red
05/17/12 Thurs, 6pm Derby Singles
05/22/12 Tues, 6pm HH Singles Short
05/24/12 Thurs, 6pm Newton Doubles Red
05/26/12 Sat, 9am Newton Tourney KDGA Event
05/29/12 Tues, 6pm HH Doubles Long
05/31/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Singles Short
06/05/12 Tues, 6pm HH Singles Blue
06/07/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Doubles Long
6/9-10/12 Sat, Sun HH & Oak Tourney "Doo Dah Open": PDGA B Tier, KDGA 3x Points
06/12/12 Tues, 6pm HH Doubles Short
06/14/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Singles Blue
06/19/12 Tues, 6pm HH Singles Red
06/21/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Doubles Short Switch Dubs
06/26/12 Tues, 6pm HH Doubles Blue
06/28/12 Thurs, 6pm Oak Singles


06/29/12 HH Pins change at Herman Hill: Odd Holes Long

06/30/12                                                                                           Sat, 9am Winfield Tourney "Cherry St. Championships": KDGA 2x Points Event

Please Show Up to Play 15 Minutes Before Tee Times!

For questions call Mike Speer at 258-6609, Russ Trice at 706-9265, or Mike Schoenhofer at 612-7896



Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 03/21/12 @ 8:15AM

  The KDSSF Scholarship Tourney at Tick Ranch is Saturday, March 24th. This annual event raises funds for the Kansas Disc Sport Scholarship Fund, founded in 2004 to help a Kansas resident pay for the high cost of higher education, with the main eligibility criteria being play and involvement in their chosen disc sport: ultimate, disc golf, freestyle or guts.

This year the KDSSF Scholarship Tourney will have 22 holes, including a long one from the top of the hill. Complete directions to the tick ranch can be found on the ACDGC Calendar. The Tick Ranch owner, Jeff, now has a disc eating dog that will be confined that day but please don’t bring any animals with you. You may want to bring your lunch or you can opt to buy it there (the scholarship fund gets nothing for this service provided by the Tick Ranch).

 Entry Fees are cheap to play:
Open men $35.
Open Women, Master and GM $30.
Advanced $35. AmII and Am Master and Am GM and Am Women $25.
Novice and Jr $20.

You may purchase 5 mulligans for $5. Individually they are $2. They can be used anytime, anywhere during the tourney.

 The entry fees include a $2 KDGA fee, $1 ace fund and $5 taken out to fund the scholarship. With $5 Dollars of the entry going into the KDSSF the payouts are lower but there’s also 50 trophies to be given to the best 50 players as a thank you for the $5. (these aren't your average trophies. Can't find them in any store)
This tourney is about Fun! So, Winfield rules will be in effect. Two throws on first tee each round. (Second throw aces count only toward score). Discs on top of the chain assembly count. If you don't have to release the disc from your hand to get it in the basket, it can be picked up by anyone. Face mask putts count.
For first timers; the address is (I think) 15535 Tawakoni Rd. From the light at Andover and Kellogg go 5 miles south to 150th (This is 47th south in Sedgwick Cty) turn east (left) go 4 miles to Tawakoni. Turn south (right) and 5/8 mile on the left. You will see the signs at the drive. 
Hope to see a lot of people out there to help support this scholarship    The scholarship is valid for any in-state school, college or university. They money can be used for tuition, books or housing. You can learn more about the KDSSF on the KDGA site.

 The "Fresh Air Baby Camp" restoration group is hosting a fundraising tournament at Herman Hill Park, Sunday, March 18th. The format will be similar to the one the club uses for the annual Ice Bowl.

That white building by hole 9 in Oak park which many know as the old "girl scout house" was originally built to house the "Fresh Air Baby Camp". It's an historical landmark and many people want to save it from destruction.  Once the building is resotored it will be available for use by the ACDGC similar to the way we have access to the Water Center at Herman Hill.

Come out for a great day of disc golf and help Save the Fresh Air Baby Camp. Details on the flyer below. (you can download a full 8.5x11 version right click here and select " as")

Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 03/07/12 @ 7:35AM

 Just a quick reminder that the Fore|Fathers Fling from Hand Eye Supply Co. is this Saturday, March 10th at Derby's Stone Creek Park. Here's another look at the flyer for all the details.

 Due to some upcoming tournaments in Wichita and Derby we are making some changes to the league play schedule.

There will be no league play this weekend (2/25-26) as the WVDGC Food Drive in Winfield will be going on Saturday and the LS Disc 2012 Meltdown has doubles play on Fri. and Sat. and the singles tournament on Sunday at Oak Park. You can get the details on both of these on the calendar pages.

On Saturday March 10th the 2012 Fore!Father's Fling will be held at Derby's Stone Park. So, we'll be switching a couple of League days around in order to not conflict with the tournament but yet keep league available both of the last weekends of our Winter play.

What that boils down to is; There will be league play on Saturday, March 3 at Herman Hill and Sunday March 11th at Oak Park see the calendar for details.

Hope to see ya out at some of these events. Use the contact page if you need more info or the forum pages if you want to start a discussion about anything disc golf.

Keep disc'n

Posted by: Jerry Sherwood - 02/18/12 @ 9:36AM

 Sad to have to report that some idiot stole the basket from hole #10 at Oak Park. Looks like it was probably cut off at the ground overnight Thursday-Friday. 

Meanwhile, LS Disc has the three day 2012 Meldown going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 24-26) and that means we need to come up with a tournament quality portable for use on Sunday, as this is a PDGA sanctioned event. There is also doubles play going on Friday and Saturday afternoons that will need a replacement, but that doesn't have to be regulation and if need be they can use my M-14. Still, if you have a basket that can be used for all three days, or even just one of the three that would be great.

If you can help out go to the contact page here and leave me a message. I'll coordinate from there to be sure we've got this covered and no one ends up hauling their basket to the course if it's not needed.

Details on the 2012 Meltdown can be found below, in a previous news story and in the calendar.

Also .... if  you see someone with a rather "short" practice basket or one with an extention welded on to the bottom you might bring this to our attention and we can check it out to see if it is ours or not.

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