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Air Capital Disc Golf Club
Oak Park Disc Golf Course


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All Day Event
Pimpin' Da Holes Open, Ransom KS

 From the KDGA Forum:

There will only be 4 division.
Pimps, Old Pimps, Pimp in training, Chicks 

Fees for all divisions will be:
$2- Includes KDGA Fees (No Ace fund or additional Payout)
$5- Includes KDGA Fees and Ace Fund (No additional Payout)
$15- Includes KDGA Fees, Ace Fund, and CTP's (No additional Payout)
$25- Includes KDGA Fees, Ace Fund, CTP's, and $10 towards you divisons additional payout.

Alternative Payment Plan:
$25 You are in the tourney. Your fees, Ace fund, and additional payout are covered.
$30 in Merch. Your additional payout and CTP fees are included. - You will still have to pay your $5 KDGA and Ace fees.
$15 in Merch. Your CTP fees are covered. -You still pay $5 KDGA and $10 additional payout (if you want in on that)

Unused Plastic Value:
ESP, Z, Champion, Star-$15

Shirts, towels, hats, and other Swag is all negotiable.

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